The heading above needs to include some keyword focus, to help with search engine rankings. If you have no idea what this means, we can help.

It is crucial for each of your primary services to have a page of their own on your website. Often times, visitors will not know what these services are or what is involved. Explain your services using clear and concise language. Pretend you are explaining to a 6th grader.


  • Relate how your service benefits the visitor, what problems it solves and how it does so. If a visitor can’t understand what you do and how you can help, it’s unlikely they will book an appointment.
  • Include photos as appropriate; photos not only break up large chunks of text, but they also help visitors understand what it is that you do.
  • You may also want to include information specific to the service, like timetables, downloadable material, what to bring etc.


Feel free to include your prices for services, however a better practice is to withhold this information from your website. Even if someone is simply shopping based on price, it’s better to nudge them towards calling your reception and ask about it. At least this way you’ve opened an initial channel of communication, where you can respond something along the lines of “Our service prices vary, so let me first ask; what have you done that you need our help?”