Digital marketing is not just about sheer effort. Your timing, placement and targeting need to be on-point. You could copy other businesses in your industry, but you won’t always get the complete picture. This is where it helps to work with an agency who understands your business and industry.

Marketing funnels

If you haven’t heard of them, marketing funnels are basically a strategy for reaching a group of potential clients online, luring them in with the objective to get more appointments. Not all will become your clients, but those individuals who resonate with you and your offer will; hence the term “funnel”. It is possible to use marketing funnels with your new PracticePulse website.

Landing pages

Landing pages are often used as a component of a marketing funnel. It is a special page that can typically be accessed only via some promotion, not by using your website’s navigation menu.

The sole purpose of landing pages is to collect contact details from a potential new client. There are all sorts of marketing experiments and promotions possible with marketing funnels and landing pages.

Email marketing

Email marketing can be used on its own, or as a part of a marketing funnel. Regular newsletter you send out to your subscribers is email marketing at its most basic level.

When used responsibly alongside marketing funnels, email marketing can do so much more. It doesn’t mean becoming that “sales guy”. It means that you will reach people who need you but didn’t know it.

Custom forms

You can use custom forms on your website to collect feedback from your clients or get referrals from other health professionals.

Sell products

Your website can be configured to manage products for sale and facilitate the sales process all the way through to online payments.


Popups are great for collecting information, displaying forms and special offers. They can be used without driving visitors mad.


You can learn a lot from visitor data: Where they come from, what they are interested in and where they may be getting stuck.

Website chat

You can chat with website visitors right on your website. This can make all the difference in making an appointment or not.

Social media

Hook up your website with your social channels to reach more people in your area. Get more visitors AND more followers!